Luxe House is fast growing regional agent of multinational premium brands. Formed in 2012, Luxe House is in the business of discovering, nurturing and delivering lifestyle with the sort of panache that the world’s most coveted brand names seek.

Our fostering mother company, Tahboub Holding, is a family-run establishment with motivation to strive for excellence. We like to think that our passion for the industry and personal approach to tackling each brand exclusively is what sets us apart. Together with our combined sets of skills, and unmatched desire for building luxury brands, we shall achieve our mission to be first class distributors of fragrances, cosmetics, and skin care in the Middle East.

This personal passion is reflected in our strong team members, who are carving a special place for Luxe House in the style stakes.

Young, savvy and ambitious, we’ve created a niche in the Middle East’s style sphere by complementing the world’s best brands with our founder’s strong heritage of pristine track record of managing Niche Prestige, Designer, and Celebrity brands.

Mr. Bashir Tahboub’s experience in the luxury industry spans over 35 years of practice in the region; and so it has taught us a thing or two about how to create and establish niche brands in the Middle Eastern markets.

My family name gives me the motivation to be the best and to strive for excellence. My personal passion can then easily be trickled down to my strong team who supports the business on a daily basis.

– Bashir Tahboub, Founder

No mediocrity, only sophistication. No short-term deals, only long-term partnerships. Our aim is to create long-lasting impressions over the society and industries in which we are involved in through our core values of hard work and always looking to build great successes.

Headquartered in Dubai and with operational presence across Jordan and Lebanon. This is Luxe House. Let us invite you into Luxury.