A Unique House of Perfumes part of French Heritage, founded in 1930 by the Prince Hurat and widely known until the 80’s (present in over 100 countries), reborn from the ashes in 2014.

An Iconic Perfume House made famous by Paul Vacher. Esteemed perfumer, considered by some as one of the masters of perfumery of the 20th century alongside Ernest Beaux, Ernest Daltroff, or Jacques Guerlain, Paul Vacher will stay famous not only for the certain of Arpege of Lanvin or Miss Dior, but also for the great compositions he composed for his own house, like Sortilege, Snob or Special for Gentlemen.

In 1980, LE GALION is sold an American group. Poorly managed, the company collapsed and gone with it is an image of France and of perfume, an image of elegance and quality.

More than 30 years later, thanks to the passion of Nicolas Chabot the brand was brought back to life – like phoenix from the ashes. Nicholas selected nine fragrances from Le Galion’s archives to be relaunched using formulas he acquired in the sale of the brand and firsthand knowledge from Paul Vacher’s daughter, a retired perfumer he tracked down in the South of France. Le Galion has released four more perfumes, Cuir, Vetyver, Aesthete and Sovereign.

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