Luxe House aims to empower brands to grow and flourish in the Middle East, while remaining aware of the region’s sensibilities. We acquire, market and grow brands through our expertise in the GCC and Levant’s lifestyle arena. We deal with distributors but also work direct-to-retail. We manage our own on-ground sales force, who are among the best in the market - well trained, attentive to customers' needs and expert product consultants. By entrusting us with your brand, you’ll have ample opportunity with our extensive network, we’ll guide you through the region’s requirements and the customers’ purchase behavior, keep a finger on the region’s pulse and help you drive business forward through increased sales and deep customer loyalty and increase your brand equity via effective Sales and Marketing strategies.

Luxe House's Regional Distribution, with ready links to some of the region’s most prominent department stores, luxury perfumeries, airlines and duty free shops takes your brand to the best places. Our expertise also spans across developing stand-alone boutiques with a unique approach to each brand. We’re adept at creating a customized brand profile and complementing it with thoughtful management/engagement across the Middle East. Rest assured, your brand can expect Management and Creativity of the highest order. Utilizing your brand’s strengths, uniqueness and point of difference, our Positioning helps set your brand apart in the regional market, highlighting these factors to create an appropriate niche for you.

As part of our Consumer Engagement activities, we take pride in our immaculate ability at brand positioning; creating exposure campaigns with guaranteed wow-factor, target result-driven activities, soar at press relations and promotional events. We show you how to get to know them, talk to them and keep them. Any relationship with us is a true Partnership where you’re granted constant access to our highly qualified personnel pool, and our commitment towards sharing and realizing your long-term vision.

Communication, training and a sense of family are the cornerstones of having one of the best teams in the region. We ensure that everyone including managers, sales force and business associates are kept informed about activities and goals on a regular basis.

We are equipped with the best training facilities in order to conduct high quality training sessions frequently across all countries and keep our employees up-to-date onall things brand-related, including brand behavior, global branding trends and the latest selling techniques.

We’re also constantly on the ground, talking to our sales force for any feedback and reviews. By monitoring their expectations and observations, we ensure their implementation and thus foster a sense of fulfillment in working with us.

We operate one of the region's best facilities with our logistics partners to ensure that shipments are delivered within the shortest time.

All our stocks are readily available and are replenished as and when they're needed.